Sittwe is the capital city of Rakhine State. It is famous for its historic buildings, religious monuments and ancient pagodas.

Sittwe Airport is also one of the historic place since it was used as a military airfield in World War II.


Viewpoint, popularly known as Point, is the famous attraction in Sittwe where you can see Indian Ocean and surrounding scenery. The Point has main deck, an old look-out tower, a modern lighthouse and part of Sittwe Beach.

Shwe Zadi Monastery

Shwe Zadi monastery (Golden Pagoda monastery) is famous ancient monastery in Sittwe, founded in 1903. Venerable U Ottama was a resident of monastery durings the 1920s and 1930s. It now run a gratis school and an Arakanese cultural school to help local residents.

Key Attractions

  • Phayar Gyi (The Great Buddha Image)
  • Dhamma Thu Kha Monastery
  • Kya Yote Monastery
  • Lawkanandar Pagoda